Higher Horizons

Consider this situation a sneak peek of ten thousand things on the horizon… (and you’re like – good pun, Margaret).



Today was the highest of highest and lowest of lows. It made me buzz and struggle to comprehend the scale of what is about to happen; it gave me that long awaited feeling that all of a sudden dues were starting to pay off; and it made me thankful for the people who have believed in me and helped me grow and filled my brain with ambition and too many ideas. And then, it made me unspeakably sad, angry and disappointed – in people, in bureaucracy, in science, in how everything just is – how can something just be? I’ve never been one to settle for no definitive justification. But this is how you learn, I suppose – and everybody has to learn the hard way. Even the people who have it easy hit the hard road in the end. It’s far better to experience the world in extremes than being perfectly average.

Today was also for fresh starts. First, I smashed out a load of Uni assessments, ticked boxes for some exciting travels in the coming weeks, even dreamed a little about where I’ll be in five years time. I’ve been so buried in my schedule and hour-to-hour work that I haven’t had a chance to throw my head up in the clouds.

And, today, I began a little experimental adventure with a Nikon. My Canon 7D love affair has lasted well over three years – and I’m sure, will continue to grow – but when Nemo wonders if there are bigger and better things beyond the ane-ne.. ane-nemon… anenenomne, there probably are, and there’s no harm in a little exploration (unless you die – don’t do that). In short, when I was asked why I was so Canon faithful some weeks ago by a photographer friend of mine who switches between three makers for different creative reasons, I just rattled off a list of specs, when in reality, I have definitely felt its limitations recently, and couldn’t decide between the investment of new lenses or a new body.

So here it is: my first ever photo on a Nikon D600 with an 85mm, trying not to get hit by commuting cars hurtling down the hill as the sun cast that eerily beautiful orange glow across my tripod – indeed, I promptly lost the light around ten seconds later. At least my slightly over-heated get-up for the afternoon is miraculously (almost) in (manual) focus!

What cameras do you guys all use? What do you think about the great Canon-Nikon debate? Do you think photographers’ (both leisure and professional) adherence to one is actually dictated by quality, or just the fact that lenses are exclusive to the bodies and once you get to a collection of three, you’ve come too far to go back…? What’s for dinner? Is this the real life? Octopus!

In other news, I’m working on an image project that should go up first thing next week, if all goes to plan. Consider this black and white situation a sneak peek!

Happy Friday Thursday! How do weeks manage to be so long and so short simultaneously?

So many burning life questions to day…

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