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April 17, 2013 0

The more extreme the accompanying look, the more disproportionate the impact of one’s feet. I feel like that could be a PhD thesis. Any takers?


The power of footwear has always been intriguing to me. The more precarious the accompanying look, the more disproportionate the impact of one’s feet. I feel like that could be a reasonably intriguing PhD thesis. Any takers?

I am not simply talking about that delightful editorial juxtaposition that all stylists dabble in for at least two seasons of their career before tiring of pairing tired Chuck Taylors with swathes of Vera Wang tulle, or angry Doc stompers with sharpest of glossy co-ords. We’re talking precarious looks like this ensemble I wore to Romance Was Born’s show on the Monday night of Fashion Week, in which my 90s crop, razor sharp skirt from the future (all hail Sportmax), and ambiguous wallpaper art that is this pseudo-pillow of a RWB bomber don’t fully understand how they relate to each other, but somehow work out purely on the point of silhouette and proportion, the only discriminating factor remaining is my shoe collection.

And that’s stressful as all hell – kind of like how the length of that last sentence was stressful. I apologise to all of my English teachers who have ever condemned it. But, the stress continues. With Isabel Marant whities, I would have looked like a guest child off Sesame Street. Had I stolen Julia Nobis’ excellently scuffed Chucks (and perhaps a little of her towering height), I could have attempted to pull off the eclectic multimedia artist who never takes their shoes off, and failed miserably because my hair isn’t long enough at the moment. Given strappy black stilletos, this entire ensemble would have looked like I’d walked straight out of ZARA (which is fine, but I really don’t think Romance Was Born and Sportmax should be in the same ballpark as ZARA – you know that).

Clearly, any of these options would be quite dire.

Now the point of this argument is not to justify the perfection of my shoe choice on this particular night (who am I kidding, I’m obsessed with these white points). Rather, I want to know if you’ve ever rocked up to Uni in a tracksuit and heels.

Am I being clear?

Probably not.

In other news, I’m wildly excited to share my snaps from Romance’s show.

Romance Was Born Quilted Bomber Motif – ASOS 90s Rollneck Crop Top – Sportmax Zina pencil skirt from MATCHES – SENSO Cadena Heels

photos by Zanita Morgan


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