April 26, 2013 0

Some of my favourite ladies being babes and such.

Talisa-Full copy


Xioahan-Full copy


Emma-Full-Boots copy

You guys often ask me who my fashion friends are here in Sydney – indeed I should do Fridays are for Friends posts, or something. D’accord?

Here are a name few of my pretty homeslices and RMK shoe buddies, who I always love catching up with between shows – it makes me so happy that they’re doing so well in their individual careers (and so our schedules never seem to match up except over canapes at evening hashtag events). Every one of them have such interesting and very individual style, with their own professions and talents beyond their blogs, and none of them have any trouble in making me laugh. I miss you all already, girls – brunch soon to every one of you!


Sara in IDELIA

Talisa in BRIXTON

Xiaohan in IDELIA

photos by Margaret Zhang