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April 30, 2013 0

Jason’s work is some of my favourite on the Fashion Week scene.




I first met Jason Jean last September during New York Fashion Week. I’d been hiding from the sun around the side of Lincoln Centre with Chantal, Jess and Nadia, with Jason working the streetstyle situation on and off, and trying to decide if I felt like dragging myself through the heat to some form of lunch sustenance. For the first twenty minutes of introduction and talking to him, I didn’t make the mental connection – of course, this was followed by an embarrassing freak out on my part. Oh my goodness, I love your work. Oh my god your site is amazing. Standard starstruck Margaret moment (trust me, it happens every time – I’m a dork).

Throwbacks aside, Jason’s work is some of my favourite on the Fashion Week scene. He always makes an effort to meet and get to know the people he shoots, and documents these encounters accordingly. His photos are impeccably framed and composed, and reflect each person’s style to the T. Needless to say, I’m excited to see where his photography takes him.

These are some of the shots that he’s snapped of me between New York and Sydney just recently. Can’t wait to catch up in September, Jason!

photos by Jason Jean at Citizen Couture

Outfit 1; Outfit 2 (coming soon); Outfit 3; Outfit 4; Outfit 5; Outfit 6