Portrait of a Westwood

March 23, 2013 0

I am Julian Assange.






As I mentioned last week, it has always been a mystery to me how any form of uninspiring hair and make-up are sent down the runway every season, when the most incredibly talented artists from around the world are working backstage. Of course, this is not to say that Galliano’s beauty policies are to be adhered to by any means, however a little more conceptual focus tends to inspire the relevant people to talk, to write, to replicate, and other such desired public relations bonuses.

Vivienne Westwood is certainly one to inspire or (dare I say it), to stir. I mean, for starters, her MAC, Rock Beauty and Toni & Guy teams inspired me to take more beauty photos than I ever have backstage at a show, and to take my paintbrush to butcher’s paper – or rather my twisted multimedia, pseudo-artistic interpretation of a Galliano hey-day Geisha with a Renaissance twist.

Scared yet?

Such is the beauty of Vivienne. She couldn’t care less how her consumer chooses to wear her garments, as long as they’re taking personal risks and not taking themselves too seriously. The lady herself walked but half a metre by me sporting her own face down her front, “I am Julian Assange”  (though in hindsight, I suppose this is quite the serious declaration). Further to that, she seems to surround herself with likeminded artists – Val Garland couldn’t have been a better brain to head up the makeup geniuses, who were effectively painting their dream charts with no guidelines but colours and a few black lines. The results, as you can see, make you hate clowns less. Exceptional.

And so the journey begins: to more artistic and editorial show coverage, if you dear readers will have it. Thoughts?

Back to Pilates and getting paint out of my hair.