The Abominable Snowman

March 25, 2013 0

Whenever I’m away for Fashion Weeks, I make a habit of texting my man a photo of my outfit before I leave in the mornings to confirm that I do, in fact, look like a jellyfish snowman.



Whenever I’m away for Fashion Weeks, I make a habit of texting Alex a photo of my outfit before I leave in the mornings. Not for any sartorial input, in particular – simply for confirmation by a collaborative effort between capital letters and Emojis that I did, on this occasion, look like a jellyfish snowman. My rationale involved Sydney’s lack of Nemo quantities of perfect white snow which, though outlandishly disgusting around Lincoln Centre, was quite a different story once we rounded the block to the Southwest corner of Central Park.

I, for one, cringe to the point of gagging when reading sappy revelational descriptions of pristine landscapes with bubbling brooks, and sparkling trees, and roses damask’d red and white, and nature’s carpet as far as the eye could see. Are you convulsing yet? I passed out some time ago. So I’ll just tell it to you all straight: this sunny afternoon in Central Park was probably one of the more breathtaking and silencing scenes I have come across in my time traveling. All in the vicinity seemed to share that sentiment, and spent most of their time with their necks craned upward towards sporadically drifting snow, bumping into fellow admirers, shuffling along sheepishly for several seconds, before returning to square one.

But let’s talk about my pet jellyfish, formulated by dear Cass who has some exceptionally exciting things coming for her in the coming year, so keep an eye out. From her latest collection, this was definitely the standout in its perfectly balanced state of affairs. Any other Australian designer would have jumped at a multicoloured, quad-concepted digital print to smear all over its boxy expanse. Or perhaps a standard black. White is daring, orange edges are exceptional, and a jellyfish makes people freak out and advance without warning to stroke and poke your chest – awkward for all involved, but completely justified.

As to the rest of this ensemble, I quite like that it would have worked just as well a deep V blazer, an overwhelmingly cable knit turtleneck, a white tee or even that infamous checked shirt of mine. And you could argue that all of those would have been more practical and less snowman-ly choices… in fact I would argues along the sames lines. But I would also hold my Soy Chai Latte to the fact that you most certainly would not forgo this neoprene sea creature when presented with the option.

And now, I will go and marvel in the juxtaposition of a jellyfish dancing around snowy Central Park.

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photos by Amanda Shadforth