Sass & Bide Autumn/Winter 2013: Backstage

March 4, 2013 0

It’s not often that I spotlight beauty, but spotlights spot where spotlights are due. Enter centre stage: SASS & BIDE.




I’m a proud and self-proclaimed beauty non-expert. All I ever use is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, a different cleanser every month and a half, and liquid eyeliner or bright matte lips every once in a blue moon when I have the extra twenty minutes to mess it up, take it off, and mess it up again – even with fifteen years and counting of ballet and dance, I still can’t get those cat eyes perfectly even. Having said that, the knowledge I do possess in beauty that hasn’t necessarily crossed my face is, undoubtedly, from observing the crème de la crème of global make-up teams at work backstage on the most impossible of time restraints and range of face shapes, skin types, ethnicities and cheekbones. There are always cheekbones.

Sass & Bide’s show on my first night in London was one of the few times in my countless hours backstage when I decided that I ought to be more adventurous on the few occasions when I do wear makeup. For me in particular, the usual lack of facepaint makes any trace of product immediately obvious. For Kim Kardashian? Not so much. Why not take advantage of that and try something original? I have no excuses.

First stop is going to be this wonderfully dewy eye for days when you’re not completely comfortable with smearing Lanolin all over your face like a bright young thing (‘Are you wearing a sheep on your face, Marg?’ exclaimed Vanessa). I’ve seen such eyelids done with Papaw Ointment, but personal experience will tell you that you do feel it just sitting there, such that silky smooth eye skin the following morning may or may not be worth it.

What do you all think? Dare you?


Having said that, this is the girl who is partial to walking around in wet hair all day long.