Papa bear

March 11, 2013 0

I have always been on Team Three Bears – being a hot blonde does not excuse you from theft, Goldilocks’.


Suitcase living has never been my forte. I can pack a lot into one suitcase, and I can pack it well, but I dress so much for my mood, the weather, and time-restricted indecision, that effectively planning outfits weeks in advance seems so completely ridiculous. I just laugh and continue packing Summer clothes for Winter cities. Hashtag Fashion.

On this particular day of New York Fashion Week shows, I was in a right mood, despite the excellent weather, and my record five-minutes getting dressed that morning. ‘You look kind of badass because you’re really pissed off’, commented Eddie as he (so kindly) shot these photos for me. Perhaps I should channel Papa Bear more often, though Patricia designed this sweater with the best and very sweetest of intentions. An indeed, it is the best and very sweetest of bear sweaters I have ever seen. Even amongst New York Times’ animal streetstyle shots, gold foiled Papa Bear was decidedly less aggressive than the rest of the zoo that is Fashion Week – that, and those Christopher Kane dresses from seasons ago that squarely presented Jaws emerging from one’s nether-regions. Subtle, ladies. Subtle.

But even with a furious bear emblazoned in sequins and tinsel, the fact of the matter was that I was still wearing a shiny skirt and heels, in dire need of some 90s grunge injection (‘injection’ being the key word – Saint Laurent what were you thinking), and rugby (translation: grid-iron). Have some bonus Space Cadet, since my skirt was generous in donating some of its shine.

And yes, for those of you asking, you are yet to see this shirt worn as a shirt.

It will happen.

ELLIATT Cape Blazer – Patricia Chang Bear Sweater – ZIMMERMANN Independent Mirror Skirt – The Serpent & The Swan Plaid Shirt – Sara Berman Leather Trousers – Mode Collective Heels – Moda Operandi for Clare Vivier Rugby Clutch - Antoine + Stanley Ash Reflective Sunglasses

Photos by Eddie Newton