New Year’s Resolution: Read More

February 4, 2013

#2: Pick up a book – Kindles suck. Plus, getting cozy in the fluffiest bed of the century on Super Bowl night.






I absolutely must apologise for my complete reliance on Instagram to keep you updated on my NYC activity – work has been out of control since I landed, and tonight is the first I’ve been back at the hotel before it got dark (ironically on Super Bowl night… Beyoncé, you megababe).

So, as I struggle to understand that rules of American football, I thought I’d share round two of my little project with Shopbop (round one, being to Man Up). There was a time in my earlier high school days when I’d burn through a solid book a week. Then, analytical essays destroyed The Great Gatsby in my fantastical eyes, and just like that, my shelf collection plateaued. Studying Philosophy in my final year, though, reignited some liking for tactile texts that weren’t glossies or mind-numbingly airheaded online commentary, though I always wondered why philosophers chose to express one sentence’s worth of a concept in five hundred. Same goes for you, lawyers – please kindly stop. And so, here we are in 2013, when I have just about managed to finish three Penguin Classics and this adorable Little Dictionary of Fashion. Despite being mostly accredited to my extensive air travel times, and becoming emotionally attached to every protagonist and/or underdog I come across, having my nose buried in that strangely satisfying fresh paper smell has stepped up in priority. My mind does need a break from reality at times, and it’s not fair to let TV and films do all the imagining for you.

Given that I’m happily traipsing miles around Manhattan all day in leather pants and a thousand layers, there’s nothing more welcome than lounging about my fluffy cloud of a Grand Hyatt bed in nothing tight-fitting, no shoes, and some unashamed love for Gotham City in the form of Zoe Karssen and a serious Lamborghini. That is not to say that non-bodycon cannot be just as sexy as a Batmobile – contrary to all car, alcohol, and cosmetic commercials. Jenni Kayne’s sneaky leather split is a testament to that, and in nude leather at that. Such is the gift of giving.

Speaking of which, today’s your last day to enter to win that insane JOSH GOOT dress, should you want it! All walks of the world are welcome.

Happy Super Bowl, blogbabes!

Zoe Karrsen Bat Tee – Jenni Kayne Seam Skirt – Nicholas Jasmina Snake Sandals – Super Sunglasses Panama Glasses – Books with Style The Little Dictionary of Fashion