Rebecca Minkoff Fall/Winter 2013

February 9, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff is the woman who prompts shady love affairs with iridescent fish, and the need to move to New York for the sole purpose of wearing her coats.






I had been looking forward to seeing Rebecca’s collection in its runway entirety since my sneaky stop-by her showroom and castings earlier this week – holding on to my photos of the insane shoe situation was probably one of the more difficult undertakings in my lifetime. Between seeing the lot on racks and on models, I contemplated the condition of American retail, how designers can choose to steer so clear, or make no effort at all. To the consumer, certainly: every woman here in New York City can relate to a black boyfriend blazer, but holographic blue leather? Not so much. And yet a cross body bag and classic heeled points can make iridescent fish chronicles accessible – such is the pinpoint balance of a creative in a commercial environment (… or perhaps the key to CFDA).

I’ll talk more about the US retail culture compared to Australia in my Harper’s write-up to go up early next week, but for now, let’s settle on the following. Sydney’s mercury never gets quite low enough to pull off as satisfyingly weighty a work of paneled, inch-heavy textured goodness (unless flash action is your cup of tea with a whiskey flask). How’s that yellow accent and quilted patent? Paneled camel leather? I call it the Minkoff effect. Get me to New York on a visa that lasts more than a half season.

On the other end (and perhaps more relevant to the buying end of my New York Fashion Week spectrum), is the girl who dresses for herself without being self indulgent. Channeling tomboy is not about ripped jeans and bruised elbows (skateboards remain dependent on whether you can actually skate) – leather pants never had to be skin tight, and no amount of chest even needs to be seen. Layering does not amount to unwanted bulk, but rather more to the imagination, creative intrigue, and probably an awesome ice-breaker as to why you have a jacket around your waist over two skirts when you’re already wearing a jacket and a coat over that again. Confused? Let’s talk dresses. The female back is far more elegant then any other part of the body (though collar bones and shoulders do come in a close silver and bronze). At the same time, I could just as easily see that dream of a sunshine dress with leather trousers and monster leather boots. Capiche?

But alas, I’ll leave myself for no development come my true review of the collection. And it’s almost 2am here (not to mention blizzarding outside!).

My bed calls.

Goodnight, tomboys.