Top of the Standard

February 6, 2013

And just like that, here we are: on the eve of New York Fashion Week.


As soon as I landed in New York, I set alerts on my phone to stop by UNIQLO to buy thermals, and to get a goddamn manicure. And just like that, here we are: on the eve of New York Fashion Week. Of course, I am yet to buy any UNIQLO heat-tech (yes, I have been freezing), and my nails remain in disrepair. And, of course, I’m sitting up at two in the morning, whittling away at my dear and ever beloved inbox. Tomorrow, I will most likely be doing the same, but from there on (where my age poses no issue), unravels and onslaught of launches, events, cocktail meets, and acceptably ambiguous celebrations.

This evening, it was all about Nicola Formichetti, who had doodled on and signed a good number of pretty Mugler bags exclusively for Shopbop (so if you’re a Gaga costume fan, you’d better get on that fast) – with the requirement of beautiful New Yorkers swanning about a busy bar. Nicole and I spent our time people watching, comparing silver leather with fellow party guests, and pondering the genetics of my new phone case (named Sleepie) overlooking lower Manhattan’s sparkling lights. While I’ve frequented The Standard in past seasons for shows (and one random ice hockey game involving Rassi and my MILK Studios homeslices complete with foiled teeth and gangster tears), I’ve never actually been up to that famous eighteenth floor. Ladies and gentlemen, the view is breathtaking, the lightly is aptly moody, and the fireplaces are fireplaces.

I digress. I’m sure most of you have noticed by now that I’m nothing short of obsessed with this cape blazer business, to the extent that I am most likely wearing it with every permutation of my suitcase, every single day. Tomorrow will be no exception – perhaps if you see me about town, you should come right up and shake out its Batman potential. In this instance, there’s a little Star Trek in the equation, as well as my bitter hatred for tights, and my insatiable love affair with my Pashli Satchel.

And now, of I go to catch a cheeky five hours, then up to move out of my hotel and in with my main babes. And get a manicure.

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ELLIATT Cape BlazerAntipodium Clandestiny Bomber Jacket – KAHLO Barton Battle Vest – White Suede Wrap Skirt – Factorie Trousers (similar HERE) – 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel from Shopbop – Candies Sleepie‘ Phone CaseModel Co Gel Eyeliner

photos by Nicole Warne