Date Night

January 11, 2013

I can’t remember the last time I simply wore a dress and heels.



I can’t remember the last time I simply wore a dress and heels. A shirt and skirt with these strappy pointed babies, perhaps, but unless there is something devastatingly severe and structured about a dress, it’ll either end up with sneakers, or find some degree of rough and tumble in, say, a man jacket around the waist or across the shoulders.

Needless to say, yesterday evening (before watching Life Of Pi with Alex) was a rare occasion in a double dose of femininity. What saved the lot from potentially dangerous Nickelodeon slopes was certainly the halfway sporty vibes of a this Stylestalker favourite. Even when wholly made from baby soft cotton, the tight long sleeves, cinched waist and skater skirt still manages to nail something scuba. It doesn’t occur to a lot of people that more is more. Or less is more – depending on whether you’re talking about skin or fabric. There’s nothing old-aged about wearing long sleeves, even if it is the height of Summer. It doesn’t even have to be as skin tight as this. As long as there is one striking element – a colour, a pattern, a contour, or material – then you have yourself something refreshingly different from the usual chest and ass, not to mention far more respectable.

As to the shoes so pointy that they could probably do some serious damage should the predicament arise, I declare myself converted. In past years, I have tended towards at least some form of platform as a leg-up in the height department, but have since discovered that the combination of ankle straps and a pointed toe that extends a little further than your foot would end are actually far more flattering on the legs than your Kardashian-high chunksters will ever achieve.

And on that note, I need a soy Chai latte to ring in the weekend.

Stylestalker Deneuve Dress – The Mode Collective Strappy Point Heels