New Year’s Resolution: Man Up

January 29, 2013

#1: Steal his jeans and grow a pair. Seriously.






It’s about this time of year that gyms around the globe start emptying out, credit card limits are sheepishly lifted, and fast food sales after dark start to creep up once again. Since a lot of you have been asking me what my 2013 resolutions were, I’ve teamed up with Shopbop to express them to you in the most meta of physically manifested and feel-good preaching ways.

So let us begin with what we’re all here for: the clothes. Being what society would class petite, I have not always been an advocate of boyfriend dressing. When it first hit fashion weeks some Springs ago, I, for one, quietly ticked it off as a six-foot-tall only phenomenon – indeed, I would be swimming in that much fabric, and surely high-waisted shorts were far more elongating… after which I happened upon the story of cuffed ankles. On pants, that is. With the length of your lower calf to below your ankle scandalously exposed, a pair of heels and a slouchy leg situation will add a glorious few inches to your perceived height (stilettos not included). Switch those heels for wedged sneakers, and you may as well have sprouted a foot over night. And suddenly boyfriend jeans were ok. These Citizens of Humanity ones are a level up at excellent.

But of course your top half needs to be skintight, correct? It’s all in the balance. Incorrect. The irrational fear of being seen as larger than you actually becomes unimportant – your arms and ankles speak the truth (trust me). Certainly, my lack of chest is infinitely helpful in the case of this razor sharp box, but a skinny wrap-around belt would easily fix it for those of you more generously endowed, as long as sleeves are pushed up to the elbows, and there’s a cheeky nothing underneath. Less figure-tailored styles such as this blazer, too, blur the line of where the hell your legs start – play your stance right, and your torso-to-limb proportions work in your favour.

The general public believes in the benefit of the doubt, you know.

Aside from schmicking up in my significant other’s attire and carrying nothing but sunglasses (how do guys do that?), taking steps in saying no, firm handshakes, fearless eye contact, and credit where credit is due, all fall under this colony of New Year’s Resolutions that I have done reasonably well in upholding. So far. And it has been a challenge – I’m not a ruthless person. I prefer good terms, and keeping people happy. I don’t believe in treating anybody badly, and if there is something valuable to be said, I’ll listen. On the flipside, the ruthless who know that will play it to their advantage. That’s just how the story goes. Steering clear of ABC sitcoms, though, this is a bandwagon you should be hopping on too. Don’t tolerate other people’s abuse or highhorse looks – and don’t do it to other people. Shoulders sharp. Foot down. Simple, really.

On another note altogether, I must apologise for my absence over the past week – in my manic scramble in the lead-up to my flight out to NYC tonight (no I haven’t finished packing), I managed to pick up a virus or two. Being in complete denial that I was sick didn’t work this time around… but perhaps my Instagram has been sufficient entertainment in the mean time.

T by Alexander Wang Boxy Blazer – Citizens of Humanity Dylan Boyfriend Jeans – Karen Walker Super Duper SunglassesThe Mode Collective Points