Leroy Nguyen

January 21, 2013

In which I wear neoprene and leather in 45 degree heat in the name of Harper’s Bazaar and design excellence.



3-Margaret-Zhang-Ana Suntay-Tanedo-Leroy-Nguyen-SMALL



8-Margaret-Zhang-Shine-By-Three-Ana-Suntay Tanedo Photography--2


9-Margaret-Zhang-Shine-By-ThreeAna Suntay Tanedo Photography-8033

This past weekend was probably not the best time in Sydney to be rugged up in all kinds of bonded silks, neoprenes, crocodile embossed leather and lobe-skimming collars, but hi-ho, here I am – and pleased that I took the plunge with a fantastic team for this tickled pink Harper’s Bazaar installation. In my write-up, I spoke about Leroy’s wonderfully fresh design talent in a sea of fashion businesses rather than fashion houses – and by all means, read, consider, and continue with your day. Here, I find it fitting to talk about the process.

It’s not too often that I share imagery of myself that has been shot be another photographer, let alone coordinated by a team, but I can certainly tell you that when I’ve been styling, it makes all the difference. With all of us sharing the same vision and understanding of the overall aesthetic, this shoot took just two hours. In the same way, Zanita and I took 45 minutes to shoot the beach ballet story from way back in Thailand – primarily because she was shouting ‘FLY BUTTERFLY, FLY!’ and I was singing Colours of the Wind to Sri Panwa’s private beach. On the other hand, there have been times when a photographer or model is fixed on the idea that fashion photos are simply sexy, or a makeup artist doesn’t find the need to give a moodboard compiled by my 19-year-old self the time of day. From there, things start to fall apart, purely because your work becomes a chore and you would love nothing more than speeding off to the Whitsundays, florally-clad and preferably snorkeling (more on that later).

So I suppose the moral of that sentiment on a sleepy Monday evening is applicable to any walk of life. It doesn’t concern me whether you work in fashion or not. The motivation to get paid for doing what you love isn’t so impressive when you stop loving what you do. Redundant sentence? Sure. Just surround yourself with cool people like these:

Photography Ana Suntay Tanedo

Hair & Makeup Tobi Henney using ModelCo and Kevin Murphy

Design &Creative Direction Leroy Nguyen

Model & Styling Margaret Zhang

P.S. Tobi – I think I like this slicked side-part business!