Something’s Quiet

December 22, 2012

Finally – my video and moving imagery from the time Zanita and I went to Thailand…






I have always run into limitations in capturing exactly what I’m seeing – whether that be a perfect Thai sunset, or an atmosphere I’m trying to convey to the viewer. Finding a way to communicate an entire experience is impossibly difficult through just one medium (although 3D iMAX theatres do come close). In that respect, there is something perfect about movement. The reason I’m passionate, then, about moving imagery is because it encourages the left-out senses to develop their own imagination. Add emotive music, some chronology or storyline, some solid production, and you have yourself a captivating sensory overload. I can only hope that my little moving pictures and video from our time at Sri Panwa in Thailand takes you even half way. Zanita and I were pinching ourselves the entire time and I hope you all enjoyed our editorials and landslide of imagery!

I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Sri Panwa for inviting Zanita and I to paradise, and to Vicki, Jared and the amazing staff for making our work and stay so easy. We’ve come home so inspired and geared up for a huge 2013, and we can’t wait to see you all again!

So the moral of this story – get thee to Sri Panwa. Thank me later.

I hope you all survived the end of the world! I spent yesterday fighting zombies and saving animals from lava floods, which is why I couldn’t post this Thai brilliance until today.

We partnered with She’s Electric to make this trip happen. Check them out!