Phuket After Dark

December 4, 2012

Thai sunsets and thereafter deserve this post to themselves.

photos by Zanita Morgan and myself

As I mentioned yesterday, sunset and what comes after in Phuket are just as exciting as coconutting and dancing during the day (most likely because it involves just as much coconutting and dancing). After dark, Sri Panwa were so generous as to have Zanita and I at a number of their incredible locations, and Vicki and Jared from the team took us into town some nights, for some real local culinary and party experiences. Allow me:

  1. An early evening swim in our private pool as the sun did crazy things and I liked appreciated them
  2. In a Sri Panwa Tuk Tuk en route to Phuket night life (wearing ELWOOD, Cassette Society, ZARA, She’s Electric)
  3. Thai sky one fire – in an eerie Lord of the Rings kind of way (yes I’ve finally watched it)
  4. Being matchy match with Zanita at Sanaeha – their live music was amazing and orange juice was all kinds of excellent
  5. Sunset by candlelight (inception?) from the Baba Nest – basically a rooftop pool and deck with a 360 degree view of the whole world
  6. With Jared and Zanita at Kor Mor Tor – the interesting thing about clubs here is that there is no dancefloor… you just bust out moves wherever you happen to be, whether that’s in line to the bathroom, waiting on your drink or on your way out the door. I like that.
  7. Loving life with Zanita – the alcohol-free drinks on Thai menus are called ‘Innocents’. Cute right?
  8. Our impossible feast at Baba Soul Food – I died a rare death of a food coma.
  9. With beautiful Vicki at Brasserie Phuket – I’m so obsessed with her MOSCHINO dress! (Wearing Sara Phillips from GlamCorner)
  10. The most ridiculous mango sticky rice and black sesame ice cream at Suay Restaurant with Jared and Vicki. Brain explosion.
  11. A stormy sundown from our living room – I’m in love with Thailand’s inky clouds and watercolour skies!

As I did with my last New York trip, there will be some daytime Kodak moments gracing these pages soon! But until then, Thai sunsets and thereafter deserve this post to themselves.

And I’m off to Summer School. Like a boss.