Jungle Fever

December 3, 2012

Phuket’s intrigue doesn’t stop once the sunset knocks you right out…

photos by Zanita Morgan

Sara Phillips Anna Dress from GlamCornerShe’s Electric Necklace – MAC ‘Diva’ Lipstick

So far so awesome, if you’ve been following my poolside-dancing, jungle-swimming adventures. But, Phuket’s intrigue doesn’t stop once the sunset knocks you right out. Zanita and I were fortunate enough to have Jared and Vicki from the Sri Panwa team take us into town for some after-dark adventures in local Phuket, which certainly called for something other than a bikini and sunglasses. The appropriately fantastical jungle print on this Sara Phillips baby was a no-brainer when picking a night dress for my trip – though I did toy briefly with the longer option, traipsing through Thailand’s humidity probably lent itself better to my Pokémon sneakers than a luxuriously trailing skirt. A shorter hemline may not be the flag to bear for cocktail elegance, but there is something in a straight shift cut, slightly capped sleeves and a lip stain of wine red from a day of shooting that balances out the printed throwback into childhood dreams of tigers celebrating life with zebras, panda bears, and one big hell-yeah get-up of symmetry.

Besides – $79 is a pretty well-priced ticket to being the cool kid for a week, right? I know so many of you have been asking me about formal and occasion dresses recently, so I’m looking forward to working with GlamCorner over the next little while on a some fun projects to help you all out on that front. Feel free to direct any formal dress questions at the comments section below!

Anwyay – here’s to stupid quantities of coconuts and Thai iced tea, the best mango and sticky rice ever to grace my senses, punching eggs and some serious Gangnam Style to our dear hosts (more on that soon…). Routine mischief, dear Watson.