Space Cadet

December 28, 2012

Let me explain how silver cows help drag you out of your Christmas food coma.



Let us consider the lull between Christmas ham comas and shamelessly embracing Ke$ha’s dollar sign on New Year’s Eve. For most, this deceptively lengthy couple of days is generally spent a) nursing gym gear and a vain attempt to reverse the effects of Lindt’s white chocolate balls or b) in pyjamas and happy pants, impersonating Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift – and it doesn’t take a mid-life crisis to realise that neither of these leave you well presented nor sartorially inspired in the slightest.

So, allow me to explain how silver cows will drag you out of this predicament.

It just so happens that this poor tee of mine alternates between Pilates and bedtime after each wash. My wet hair could also have proceeded either of these activities. Excellent. Paired with our first shiny cow product, a surprisingly light Naughties-vibing mini skirt by This Is Genevieve, we find ourselves in an appealingly confusing limbo between Lindsay Lohan’s day off and Snooki (minus ten thousand points of delicious trash). I like that. But, given that hip-down styles look absolutely stupid on me, and indeed I am a child of the Nineties, metallic cow product number two enters stage right and gives you a waist. You are then entitled to convince disinterested passersby that your jacket and skirt are in fact the one garment, that you are the sole breeder of silver cows in all of the lands, and that Fetch will happen if they look into your eyes.

And if your silver wonderment is, in fact, already high-waisted, and your face is, in fact, Zoolander?





This Shakuhachi incarnation doesn’t need your silver-sleeved assistance, so the world’s most comfortable bomber jacket can remain across your shoulders until Hercules arrives to bear the burden of being awesome. By now, the wind is picking up, your hair is drying, and you’re very much worth it. Throw in a couple of invincible boots and the most adorable Christmas present of all time (thank you Petite Grand!), and just like that, you look like you actually care about what the hell you’re wearing at this time of year:



And when boredom sets in, have a giggle in a colour-coordinated hat:


All this pow-wow about nothing at all really boils down to this: add metallic leather to your New Year’s wardrobe makeover and even the daggiest of jersey garments will look passably sharp. Please refrain from buying shiny pleather and/or lurex. You will look like a Pussycat Doll I REPEAT you will look like Pussycat Doll and my dear tripod’s near-death experience with a Vespa while shooting this in the middle of the road will all be for nothing.


Silver cows to the rescue.

Antipodium Clandestiny Bomber Jacket inWine(on sale at the moment!) – YesStyle Pocket Tee (similar HERE) – This Is Genevieve Dusk You And Me Leather Skirt in Silver AND Shakuhachi Apollo Leather Panel Mini Skirt – Antoine + Stanley Ash Sunglasses – Petite Grand Custom ‘MZ’ Initial Necklace – Acne Pistol Boots from My Wardrobe – YesStyle Felt Hat (similar HERE)

P.S. great to hear that some of you have found your NYE dresses now that you’ve gone through GlamCorner’s sale of insanity! Just as great to hear that you enjoyed my Bondi gallivant.