The Carry-on Cull

November 22, 2012

As I sit in Singapore Airport waiting for our connecting flight to Phuket, I ponder the contents of my carry-on… and the painful cull to get it there.

I’m going to be honest with you: I’m one of those ‘just-in-case’ types. I pack an extra jumper just in case the first isn’t warm enough. I pack three types of moisturiser just in two of the three just aren’t enough. I pack another change of clothes just in case my luggage gets shipped to Dubai instead of Phuket (though, seriously, that’s happened to my Dad before so I’m not all crazy).

So, as I sit with Zanita in Singapore Airport waiting for our connecting flight to Phuket, I consider the contents of my carry-on and give myself a gold star. I actually did a reasonably good job of culling this time around – even if it did take me twice as long as it took to pack my actual suitcase.

I always carry all my accessories and jewellery with me in my handbag – I don’t trust my suitcasing skills to protect crushables enough, and all my wrist junk and sunglasses tend to be quite heavy. Grown, Dermalogica, INDAH and Aesop littlies are ziplock bag essentials to get me through any flight longer than 10 hours (inflight recycled air does horrific things to my skin – so something a little more than my usual coconut oilis needed to keep me sane), and I always make sure I have pretty undies and some happy lipstick to make me not feel so abhorrently disgusting when I finally get to my destination.

  1. Estilo Emporio Bag (perfect size for my laptop) – Frends Rose Gold Headphones (infinitely better than inflight headsets) – Michael Kors Rose Gold WatchEdge of Ember, 8 Other Reasons, Samantha Wills and Diva Rose Gold Mess
  2. Grown Hand Cream and Facial SerumAesop Travel Pack Selects – Dallas and Carlos EarringsMonserat de Lucca Teeth from The Dark Horse – MAC Matte Lipstick – COMME des GARCONS Leather Pouch
  3. Sophomore Not in Fashion Tee (such excellence for $38) – Askanar Bae Silk Undies SetDermalogica Cleanser, Toner and Masks8 Other Reasons and Stelly Bling

On top of this lot, I carry a squashable canvas bag with my camera, tablet and chargers (if a kid half my size can take an Elmo wheelie bag bigger than him on the flight, then I can have a bag of technological addictions).

And now I must dash because they’re calling for boarding! We bought macarons at the tea store here, so expect Instagrams.

See you soon, Sri Panwa!

P.S. If there’s anything I’ve missed (highly likely in my jittery flight excitement state), feel free to ask below!

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