Survival 101

November 4, 2012

The ultimate survival guide to times of extreme brain explosion…

The study advice that lecturers recite in your final classes is always worth noting. “The exam will be about applying your knowledge – not regurgitating it”. “I’ve already given you the tools you need”. “I’ve really enjoyed teaching you all”. “You’ll be fine”.

Thanks for nothing.

How you deal with the next week of book-bashing is up to you. I’d suggest crying, procrastibaking, and attempting to teach four entire courses to your cat (I’ve been guilty of all three over my two years thus far in the tertiary education system). But aside from that, here’s my selection of the simple pleasures that will make your exam period that much better.*

  1. Get excited for Sunglass Hut’s floating store – because everyone loves Georgia May Jagger and these intense teal suede Miu Miu Noirs; Swoon over MATCHES’ latest editorial prowess between glasses of Berocca; Wear heels and earrings I REPEAT wear heels and earrings while you work – trackies make you hungry and unproductive.
  2. Treat yourself to perfect basics: my online spending spikes significantly during exam time with the unrivaled benefit of curbing likelihood of a nervous breakdown. This time I went with Acne Pistol Boots, Oscar Wylee ‘Wynne’ shades, and a bargain of a COMME des GARCONS Pouch.
  3. Smell pretty in Alice McCall by INDAH; Match all your accessories to your new Michael Kors Chronograph (my little rose gold mess is by 8 Other Reasons, Cotton On, Samantha Wills, Diva, and Edge of Ember)

And now, back to routine freaking out over Criminal Law cases.

*Disclaimer: Margaret is not responsible for your marks – just your sanity.