Poolside Maillot

When you’re competing with the pool and jungle, and not bikini babes.

photos by Zanita Morgan

Lisa Marie Fernandez + Peter Pilotto Farrah Maillot Wetsuit from StyleRunnerLatopic Leather Skirt (similar HERE and HERE) – Estilo Emporio Bag – Cast Eyewear Moon Dust Sunnies – Venessa Arizaga Bracelet from Basically Boutique – Claire Aristides Skull Ring – ASOS Leather Cap

The one thing about poolside attire is that, since you wouldn’t usually want to look like a panda or like some hero punched you in the face, makeup is not the first thing on your mind. If it is, I feel like the discussion to follow may be a little redundant and I would suggest you skip to the next paragraph. My point: the shortcoming in that respect is certainly that one struggles to look ‘finished’. An awesome jungle wetsuit, leather skirt and a few throw-on accessories alone aren’t enough to pull all the weight – particularly when you’re competing with Sri Panwa‘s absolutely pristine waters, dramatic views and vibrant jungle. So, in a standoff with the Beach Pool, a 90s dark lip stain worked wonders alongside humid hair and the best of Peter Pilotto – even if it was faded in the middle from eating too many rambutans.

Ten minutes after we shot these, a huge storm rolled into the island and to say it was bucketing down would be an understatement (by the tim e we got back to our villa, we both looked like we’d jumped in the pool in a moment of full-clothed tropical happiness). Once it passed, we were back in relentless sunny business, spent the afternoon shooting like machines around Cool Spa‘s intriguing cobalt walls, and wrapped up the day at a rooftop deck and pool, watching the most unfathomable sunset melt into darkness. Everyone here told us when we arrived that the sunrises and sunsets were different every single day, and neither have disappointed yet. I’m still not able to comprehend how one sky can have so many intense colours in one part of the world! That, and how lucky we are to have been invited here.

In other news, I can now (theoretically) cook red duck curry and amazing thai flat noodles, and have ticked some hilariously fun local Phuket nightlife off my Thailand list – but that’s another hundred stories for another hundred blogposts.

Now, back to shooting in the jungle with Zanita!

Laaeo phohp gan mai!


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