April, May

November 14, 2012

In times of dire skull pressure, I like to think I’m French.

April, May Piper Shirt from Basically Boutique – Eska Alikai Navy Wrap Leather Skirt – Samantha Wills Fall for Me Rose Necklace and Future Reflections Blush Ring – Sarah Sebastian Tiny Heart Ring from The Dark Horse – AL & ALICIA Leather Wrap BraceletThe Mode Collective Heels

I would really like to say that my four-odd day break from updating this cybercorner has been an existential reflection on my soul. That I spent a little more than a weekend resting my mind. That I’ve come back with re-inspired eyes and a hungry ambition for stunning imagery and compelling discussions on coats so large that you’d be a reasonably good-looking checked jellybean…

But alas, it was quite the opposite. And it sucked. Take me back, dear internets! Forgive me! I’m sorry! You’ll never again be shunned to second by a Criminal Law exam!*

So to make up for lost time, and to retain my sanity, I present to you: the get-up with the ultimate repeat factor. The reality is that I have one more week of torturous textbook absorption to conquer (after which I’m immediately on a plane to Thailand with Zanita – more on that later), and given the questions you’ve been asking** about what to wear at times of extreme stress when all you want to do is eat, it was a logical conclusion to share my pyjama-dressing secret. My upfront confession is that this isn’t actually a pyjama top. Its incomparable print and French girl cool can be credited to new label April, May, with which I’ve become recently besotted, and who has a pretty little selection of pieces up over at Basically Boutique. The sleepwear sentiment and comfort is certainly there though, and paired with a badass leather bum situation and a necklace that, by some divine coincidence, vaguely emulates the pale pink print, you’re cooking with gas, ethanol, and other flammable substances on a rainy day.***

Such a thought-free win-win. To your friends, you say oh it’s just a sweet French label. To your boyfriend, you say why the hell would I iron it – it’s a pyjama top. You leave a few buttons open at the bottom for both breeziness and hey-I’m-actually-wearing-a-skirt-underneath-ness.

As for the footwear, yes – I wear heels during exams. Yes – I’ve explained why HERE, and trust me: it works.

And now, I’m going to go and wallow in a pile of marketing theory before heading back into the city for sparkly times with Georgia May Jagger.


*Ha – who am I kidding… I’ve got three years of law to go…

** Shine By Three Tumblr just turned into a giant question stream so I started another with some convulsion-inducing inspirations. So get it straight in your noggin – questions HERE, drooling HERE.

*** Then proceed to read all the wonderfully tacky love declarations on the wall behind you and move on with your day