Moto Wrangler

October 21, 2012

There’s something about leather pants…

Wrangler Tank from the ICONIC – AG Men’s Khaki Shirt – Friend of Mine Leather Trousers – TOPSHOP LETHAL Padded Sporty Sandals

There’s something about leather pants that makes everything ok. Khaki and grey wouldn’t normally work with electric blue, but it’s fine because they’re leather pants. Ordinary people don’t wear men’s shirts across their shoulders as a jacket à la every editor ever during fashion week, but it’s all good because there are leather pants. Hey, there’s a weirdo hanging out with a couple of bikes and a photographer in a shady alleyway, but life goes on because she’s wearing leather pants.

Certainly, the first things that came to mind to punctuate this grungy khaki-charcoal sisterhood were black skinny jeans, black leather shorts, and most ideally, slouchy black leather pants (I actually just ordered a dream pair off The OUTNET – Sara Berman drool…). It had never occurred to me that it wasn’t the ‘black’ in ‘black leather pants’ that was ideal – rather, the ‘leather’. When an opportunity presents itself (thanks MCM) in the form of buttery soft electric blue leather, who am I say to no?

No is not an option.

Leïla and I were clearly on the same wavelength after we powered through a project for the ICONIC earlier in the afternoon – “I feel like leather pants work well with sick motorbikes”. These heels of insanity that I wore for TOPSHOP‘s Sydney store launch a few weeks ago are pretty much motorbikes in themselves. How much strappy, padded, rock-solid glory can one pack into a shoe? Probably the highest pair of stilts at my place, and surprisingly one of the most comfortable – but definitely not for a short dress. Even shorts would be pushing it. Repeat after me: boys like girls who dress like boys – not like Kimmy K (though she’s actually looking pretty good lately… Kanye bought her Céline leather sweatpants – clearly, I’m onto something).

What’s the next thing these baby blues should be paired with?

Happy new-week, munchkins!

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P.P.S. of course you actually wanted to see the bike:

photos by Leïla Joy Berney