Shopbop: Treena Lombardo & Jenny Fuchs

October 17, 2012

Visiting the lovely Shopbop team at their headquarteres in New York City was certainly a highlight for a sunny midweek morning.

In my last few days in New York, I gave myself a bit of time to catch up with my favourite stores, agencies and fashion-minded friends in the city. Of these, visiting the lovely Shopbop team was certainly a highlight for a sunny midweek morning. I’d met some of the team (lovely Jenny Fuchs included) when they came out to Australia for our fashion week here earlier this year, but of course hadn’t met Treena (since she joined the Shopbop train in August), and certainly hadn’t experienced their clockwork headquarters, of which the rooftop is absolutely stunning (watch the video to see what I mean!)

It’s always interesting to hear about the other side of one of my most frequented online stores (who can resist free AND three-day shipping?), and of course, I love that the team make a concerted effort to ensure that there’s always something for the Southern Hemisphere despite our opposite seasons. Ladies, I assure you: after today’s 32 degree Sydney day, I am so ready to get some coats on for NYFW in February!

So, to hear about Treena and Jenny’s take on NYFW, their love for Australian designers and Sydney-folk in general, and what they do from day to day, click click and watch!