All Over

October 31, 2012

Succumb to the mass marketing. Because I look like a Christmas tree.

ASOS Embellished Sweater – Stylestalker Dreamers Split Skirt

Living in limbo between full-time study and the Internets winds up in some twisted two-speed walk down the street. Units of measurement are the number of emails per week – Uni-related being two and a half, online-related being two and a half thousand – which, I would say, is scientific indication of how intolerably slow the real world moves. Sort of. Probably not. Whatever, Margaret.

So, loosely based on that, life statement, I present you with these shots of embellished glory that I snapped before Paloma chopped my hair and I jetted to New York – after which this little blog got caught up a Fashion Week whirlwind. Moral of the story: you didn’t get to experience the visual  intensity of this sweater. ‘Encrusted’ is usually a word that I would not associated with pretty things (and I’m sure, we’d all prefer not to talk about in this area of interest and web space), but baby this top half isencrusted in all assortments of jewels and crystals, and I have to say that I don’t mind it at all.

Of course, as a general rule for all in-your-face sparkle members of the family, no makeup, no ringlet curls, and no happy pants allowed. Only good-looking skirts in side-split black, and sneakers (that I didn’t get in the shot, but I assure you – are significantly London badass).

I’m sure you’ve all seen this ‘Baroque‘ trend forecast that all the magazines and store homepages busted out last month with a landslide of punnery.

Baroque and Roll. School of Baroque. Baroque-y Horror Show. Party Baroque Anthem. We Will Baroque You.

Succumb to the mass marketing.

Because I look like a Christmas tree.

And it’s awesome.