Listen Up, Australia

October 31, 2012

ASOS hears your cries…


The number of times I’ve found myself adding brushed wool coats to my cart despite slothing through impossible heat, or freezing my face off more likely from green-eying European bikinis than Australia’s mild Winter chills, is laughable. Then, those two fleeting points in the year when, hallelujah, Northern and Southern Hemisphere seasons cross over and what I buy from my favourite online stores have the absolute privilege of being worn straight away, rather than sulking in the back of my wardrobe for the next six months, after which the product is most likely to be 50% off.

I lament the sushi dates that could have been funded by that extra $100.

But, despite New York’s need for leather onesies as Sandy descends, and London being… cold, ASOS said HOLLA – it’s Spring in Australia (yes – yes it is), and Australians don’t wear leather onesies in Spring (if ever – though I did add it to my cart… guilty). Let’s give them pretty Spring exclusives before the rest of the world so a) they feel loved b) they don’t get heatstroke c) they look awesome in sweet florals, embellishments and every edgy cool London-cross-Sydney sunny vibe you ever wanted to exude.

If you haven’t already watched the above video, you need to – Caren is one of those personalities that you wish you had around all the time to affirm (or not) that what you’re wearing is actually as cool as you imagined. And I wish I could pull off that holographic dress with ‘plimmies‘ as she suggested (and as Rachel Rutt most certainly did at the show).

I’ve got my pointer on these eye-bugs, this perfect staple, this badassery and this sweet thing to go. And the rest of it ‘In Your World’.

Happy shopping!