Fight Club

September 24, 2012

The week before I left for New York, I let Paloma and her gorgeous Oscar Oscar team work their scissor magic on my hair…

Photos by Nicole Warne

Stylestalker Shirt – ZARA Leather Shorts (borrowed from Sara – similar ones HERE and HERE) – DKNY Crocodile Embossed Leather Bag – Nokia Lumia 900

The week before I left for New York, Paloma worked her scissor magic on my hair – I used to avoid hairdressers like the plague, but now Paloma and her gorgeous Oscar Oscar team are the only people I’ll trust to come within a ghd-length radius of my head region. I’ve been meaning to share how happy I am with the freshly blunted ends, but my first week in the city was just far too humid to do anything but braid your hair up or wear the lot under a hat. Towards the end of Fashion Week, however, weather and people alike relaxed a little, and I got a little label.m-happy with my collarbone bob. Such a surprisingly no-fuss head get-up that you all need to try at some point – without its severity, I feel like my clothing choices would have been a little more everyday.

Speaking of which, I’m newly obsessed with this gorgeous floral print by Rachel and Susie – I believe it comes in a dress, a short-sleeved shirt, and a blazer as well so you all need to get it on your bodies. Now.

And now I’m headed to the library to absorb my New Products textbook through my face.




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