Cookie cookie cookie

July 27, 2012

Benefits of looking like Cookie Monster aside, this blue baby is surprisingly warm for a $50 coat.

photos by Alexei Dawes

ASOS Brushed Wool Coat (current season version HERE) – Mezi Neckplate – Factorie Jeans (similar HERE) – 8 Other Reasons Bracelet – Boohoo Jessie Black Velcro Hi-top Sneakers

I’ve had a good number of questions about this coat since my happy little post yesterday, so here it is in its eye-burning blue glory. Benefits of looking like Cookie Monster aside, it’s surprisingly warm for a $50 coat, not to mention well-structured with significant room for jumping, if you think ahead like me and get a size up. Say no more:

If you’re struggling to understand why I’m doing joyous leaps all over a country road, you have some reading to do.

Moving along. Whenever I’m wearing something unexciting (thermal top) under V-cut outerwear (you beauty), I always go back to this substantial Mezi neckplate to make it look like I’m wearing armour, and to sneakily cover the offending garment. This can’t go without brushed brass coordination of the wrist variety – Alex was especially appreciative of the infinity-strip idea behind this cuff to rival gladiators.

What’s your Winter go-to coat? My favourite grey one is starting to pill (onset of depression), so I’m on the hunt for another slim-shouldered one to join this blue baby. Any suggestions aside from the Shopbop sale?



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