Eyes of Instagram

June 24, 2012

Having had Instagram for just a few weeks, I can assure you all that I’m well and truly addicted.

Having had Instagram for just a few weeks, I can assure you all that I’m well and truly addicted. So, as an ode to the inevitable and the astronomical amount of pretty food I eat during exam period, I thought I’d share a few with those who haven’t been following that corner of Shine By Three:

1. An snap from last Summer of me being a beach skater bum in Black Milk Galaxy Print and Retrosuperfuture sunnies 2. My favourite Boutique 9 rose gold heels – such a steal at $95! 3. Spotted denim and assorted black and gold hardware for the weekend 4. My $10 ASOS ‘love’ bangle and Gorjana lovebird necklace doubled up as a bracelet from the lovely Georgy at Lanolips

5. Pink LouLou perfection - I’m so obsessed with her knot rings! 6. Plain frozen yoghurt with strawberries and passionfruit after my second exam 7. Alex hanging out on his board down the coast 8. The only flats I’ve been wearing this year – RMK loafers

9. Tempted by suspiciously vibrant macarons in the city 10. Lovely Montana Cox hanging out in the chair a few Fridays ago 11. Minty fresh goodness – Zara chinos and RMK points: spewing that they’re on sale for $80 now! 12. My favourites at Gorman’s store at the Galeries – more on that soon ;)

With my last exam for the semester tomorrow, I’m going to make a speedy exit stage right and face plant on my bed. Over the past few weeks I’ve learnt three things. First, that I can’t sleep with a pillow present. It just won’t happen. Second, that corn chips fix all problems. Ever. Third, that you should probably come join me on Instagram at @margaret__zhang.

You’re missing out on sparkly and/or tasty and/or #omgshoes goodness otherwise.

Disclaimer: this post is as a result of exam period delirium.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



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