Missing More

June 16, 2012

A few sweet nothings I’m missing while chained to my desk and textbooks.

While I’m stuck in exam hell, I’m counting down to the 25th of June, and missing a few things that my textbooks just can’t give me:

  1. Sunset at King St Wharf: this is the one thing about Winter – sunset quality definitely decreases.
  2. Sparkly afternoons: of floppy felt hats and Equipment polkadots.
  3. Neon cleardom: COOEE’s cuffs are perfect with bare basics.
  4. Candlelit dinner: with Camilla and Marc to toast to 9 years of being perfect.
  5. Fashion week: as much as I was a mess by the end, incredible shows like Bless’ed Are The Meek‘s are playing on my mind.
  6. Tortoise flower: my Karen Walkers and the perfect floral tee by Paul Smith.
  7. By Malene Birger: is one of my favourite designers of all time. To say I’m aching to have this dress back is an understatement.
  8. Ponytails: which are near impossible with my short hair! Should I grow it out? Wearing Uye Surana tee and Dallas & Carlos cuff.
  9. Overcast swimming: down the coast with Alex.

How’s everyone’s weekend coming along?



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