Crystalised Friend

May 22, 2012

Here’s to something a little different and unexpected – my shoot with Tessa Kit Zawadzki, styling and graphics by yours truly.

Indeed, I’ve been sneak-peeking all weekend (and I’m glad you’ve loved what you’ve seen so far) – so wait no longer: here it is.

I met Tessa during Fashion Week and her photographic work absolutely blew me away. We got talking, we got laughing, and we decided to put together a shoot for you all. We planned nothing but our meeting time to pull some pieces, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Throughout the morning, it was quite clear that we shared an obsession with quartz and crystals (Tessa’s extensive Pamela Love collection certainly attested to that), and there was no better way to facilitate that than these incredible printed Sara Phillips pieces. We both became fairly attached. Needless to say, returning them to the loving arms of the MCM girls was a tearful experience.

Photography: Tessa Kit Zawadzki

Styling: Margaret Zhang and Tessa Kit Zawadzki

Subject and Graphics: Margaret Zhang

1, 2 & 3: Sara Phillips Dress, Tony Bianco Heels

4 & 5: Sara Phillips Top, Friend of Mine Trousers, JLH for SIREN Heels

6 & 7: Friend of Mine Shirt, Friend of Mine Skirt

8: Sara Phillips Trousers, Boutique 9 Heels

What do you all think? I drew the crystal graphics in watercolour pencils with just a little water, and did all the colour editing on the computer. So much fun.