Add Breakfast

May 19, 2012

There’s a first for everything, so here’s a food-first on this little blog. Fashion people eat food too.

I know this is exceptionally random and irrelevant, but beautiful, sunny weekends call for thinking about how pretty my food should look. You’ve seen what I wore and what I saw during Fashion Week, but what I ate is something generally confined to my Twitter, my Pinterest and my future Instagram (EDIT: I now have Instagram! @Margaret__Zhang), I’m sure (I always say that if I didn’t love fashion so much, I’d be a food blogger no questions asked)…

The toast I had this morning doesn’t deserve to be compared with these three morning munchy moments – maybe Fashion Week makes food better-looking too:

  1. Breakfast trifle. On the first day, I stopped by Woolies on my morning run, stockpiled natural yoghurt, berries and the best muesli of my life, and proudly brought it back to our hotel room. I think Connie and I spent more time putting it together in the hotel’s sizable wine glasses than actually eating them, but have a pretty picture and thank us later.
  2. ZIMMERMANN. The show was held in the most beautiful warehouse space (and I do have some exceptionally trippy photos to share), but when the first thing you see upon arrival is a counter of stripey straws and perfect orange juice, the chilly morning is suddenly not so much, and you’re transported to something like Edith A. Miller’s amazing stripey lookbook.
  3. Early date. On the Thursday, the beautiful ladies of Bespoke PR and My Wardrobe hosted a sweet and relaxed blogger breakfast for conversations at length about printed pants and pointy shoes. I’ve never had dates with muesli before – it definitely needs to happen again.

Who says fashion people don’t eat.

And your favourite breakfast is…?

I’m hoping this will re-inspire me to put together a good-looking breakfast tomorrow morning, and if I do, you bet it’ll be all over my Twitter and Pinterest. Be there.