Habbot Birthday

May 21, 2012

So I turn 19 on Sunday… which means I have presents for you. In the form of boots. Made for walking.

Habbot Juggler Boots in BlueFinders Keepers Long Sleeve Jumpsuit (worn backwards) – Beginning Boutique Necklace – MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger Lipstick – Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Sunglasses from Shopbop

As much as I’ve been ignoring it, I turn 19 this Sunday. At 13, I said 19 was a good age to be, yes it was. You’re old enough to be taken seriously, I said, but you can still have fun. I’ve since learnt that nobody takes you seriously until you’ve got wrinkles.

Or lipstick. Red, red lipstick.

To avert this crisis, Annie Abbott has decided to give you a present. That is, thanks to her leather-loving self, I’m giving away a pair of these incredible ‘Juggler’ boots to make my birthday feel more like Christmas.

And here’s the best part – you can have them in whatever colour you like. By that, I mean the lucky winner can send Annie a scrap of fabric, a lolly wrapper, a shade of lipstick, Rick Astley’s hair, and she’ll workshop the colour to get it on these gorgeous boots and on your feet.

So to win yourself some custom boots, all you have to do is:

1. Follow Shine By Three on Bloglovin’

2. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter (tag @Margaret__Zhang)

3. Like Habbot on Facebook

4. Comment telling me your name, email and a description of what colour you would get your boots in

Be creative – I don’t want ‘blue’ (though this blue works so perfectly with this navy jumpsuit thanks to my friends at Launch) – I want ‘the colour of that highlighter I had when I was 10’. Be specific – the best entry will win.

You’ve got till day after my birthday (Monday, May 28, midnight) to do all of the above and tell your friends!