Alice McCall SS12/13

May 12, 2012

Alice McCall’s SS12/13 was youthful, sweet and lovingly styled by Meg Gray (fangirl moment)…

After her beautifully sweet collection and show last Fashion Week, Alice McCall was definitely a time slot I was looking forward to. Between symmetrical (and asymmetrical) floral prints, cinched waists, open backs and some magical form of golden mesh (I need to try that dress on!), the Australian sweetheart’s SS12/13 certainly didn’t disappoint. The floral symmetry had been making the rounds mercilessly all week – but it was refreshing to see a bolder, more blocked take on the flower invasion.

The cherry on top was styling by Meg Gray – I hope she never reads this, but I think I did I silent dance backstage, watching her work her quirky styling into every look.

It was also really interesting to see how much more womanly the collection seemed backstage compared to the youthful runway atmosphere, which speaks volumes for a versatile collection. I couldn’t resist sharing some more imagery:

What do you guys think? The colours and flirty shapes are getting me excited for Spring… and Winter isn’t even here yet.