Midas Touch

April 17, 2012

Never have I ever dedicated an entire post to a single shoe, but these gold beauties certainly qualify for all sorts of firsts.

Never have I ever dedicated an entire post to a single shoe, but really – how could I not? I’d just gotten home from doing a solid training session for She Runs the Night and was sitting feeling sorry for my rained-drenched self (shoe-browsing is inevitable in such situations).

Lo and behold: the perfect structure.

The ankle strap is impossibly elegant, the platform is just enough for a little extra height without being offensive, and the straight heel is so refreshing at the moment – especially when designers are brandishing the wackiest heel their herb-induced dreams can produce. No thanks.

I’ve never worn gold heels in my life, but these need to be my first. And yours. I’m already dreaming about how amazing they would look with things I don’t own. This Reformation jumpsuit or dress? Head-to-toe gold? It’s happening.

But of course, they won’t hit Australian shores (if at all) before Fashion Week rolls around! Can any of my Americano/Europa friends help me out?

ZARA, you should also produce these in every colour under the sun. I would buy them all.




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