Shopbop: Neon Inspiration

April 27, 2012

I spent this afternoon with the ladies of Torstar and Coline from Shopbop, going through beautiful racks of clothing, and finding these neons impossibly irresistible.

I spent this afternoon going through racks of beautiful pieces with the ladies of Torstar and Coline, talking all things blogging, Fashion Week, social media and New York. Every one of these topics came back to how amazing Shopbop‘s Spring brights are.

Among these were a stunning range of shirts, dresses, knits, trims, and sheers that fell into the eye-burn neon category, but these accessories were definitely the highlight of my day. I have this Rebecca Minkoff MAC Bag in teal, but I’m finding these neons impossibly irresistible to compensate for cooler weather and keep my brightness gauge above average. That choker would look insane with a Lady Danger lip, and topknot (in green and pink too).

How would you guys wear these? Head-to-toe neon, or as a pop of colour?