Romance Was Born SS12/13: Backstage

April 30, 2012

Romance Was Born opened my Fashion Week with a Bang! and Kapow! – some serious superhero inspiration.


The early and exceptionally chilly hours of the morning saw Fashion’s finest flock to Romance Was Born‘s powerfully constructed world of what Anna and Luke have become famous for. Backstage was a buzz of red hair, impressive ASOS Nail Rock, and the anticipation of a ground-breaking collection – and more importantly, a stunning performance, as opposed to a ‘show’.

I would even have said that the striking graphic prints, exceptional embellishment and severe faces of the models upped the frenzy backstage ten-fold – and afterwards, show-goers were left feeling ready to take on the day. I know I’ll be jumping to people’s rescue today… brandishing photos of this collection.

So often, designers lose sight of the need for tailoring and finesse when they’re exploring louder prints and shapes – this was not even a part of the Romance Was Born equation, which you can see in my snaps. Are you in love?

What do you guys think? Care to try these nails and hair any time?

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