Phoenix Keating: DE-SEX

April 25, 2012

Backstage at Phoenix Keating’s transeasonal show tonight was eerily beautiful and definitely set the bar very high for Fashion Week next week.

In the two years I’ve known Phoenix, I’ve loved seeing his inspirations and visions evolve, and his incredible craftsmanship become more and more present with each collection. Needless to say, I was excited to see what he had been working on for his show tonight – and Phoenix definitely didn’t disappoint. The balance between other-worldly severity and attention to curvature of a woman’s body was such a perfect contrast to the black and white focus, and fluid sheers against sharper silhouettes.

The setting was hauntingly beautiful t00 – the collection deserved nothing less than the high ceilings and ambiance of Paddington Uniting Church. “Lady Gaga performed here,” he said. How fitting – she loves his work.

What do you guys think?
It’s not often that you see a collection that makes every one of the models look exquisitely statuesque. This one would have the same effect on every woman out there.