Colours Are Brighter When the Mind Is Open – Adriana Alarcon

September 5, 2011

Left to right, top to bottom: Preen Pink Razor Skinny Wool Trousers – Preen Line Blanche Jacket – DKNY Ultramarine Blue Shift Dress – DVF Jade Green Lytton Metal Bands Embossed Croc Clutch – Anton Heunis Rombo Hoop Square Stone Hoop Earrings – Smythson Blue Travel Clutch – 3.1 Phillip Lim Absinthe Green Regine Braided…

I certainly did not have the most crash hot Monday, though I really do wish I had given the absolutely beautiful weather! So, on the way home, I had a happy my wardrobe browse and put together this brilliant quantity of eye-pop for a positivity boost – I promise it works. Even better when you wear the stuff – I’ll have to dig out some bright pink pants to wear tomorrow!

And perhaps to VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday – so excited (will be keeping you all posted on what I’m doing :D)

Happy Monday!

P.S. You’ve all got till Friday night to enter the $275 Sgt Sookie giveaway!